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The Law Office of Girsh and Rottman, P.C. provides commercial debt collection and legal services to clients in the city of Greeley and statewide throughout Colorado.  As collection attorneys, we are highly skilled professionals who are proficient and aggressive in the collection of commercial debt. We are also very experienced litigators, should litigation be needed in representing the client's commercial interests in a court of law.

The history of our law firm dates back to 1982 and through the years, our collection attorneys have honed their skills in both commercial collections and litigation. This experience has enabled our firm in becoming one of the finest commercial collection firms available for both creditors and collection agencies, who utilize collection attorney services in the Greeley area. Each collection claim placed with our firm is handled directly and meticulously by one of our experienced commercial collection attorneys. Every individual collection claim receives the utmost attention that it truly deserves.

The service and support that our attorneys and staff provide our valued commercial clients in the Greeley marketplace is based on commitment, professionalism and dependability. Whether it's a collection attorney, legal assistant or administrative personnel, The Law Office of Girsh and Rottman, P.C. assures  each and every prospective client, that they too will receive the very best that we have to offer in the collection of their outstanding commercial debts, in the legal representation of their company and in the excellent service that we proudly provide.

Our collection law firm handles many different types of commercial debt. The fees that our law firm charges for commercial debt collection are usually contingent based, yet we do provide other fee options for those clients who may require them. 

As commercial collection attorneys, we are inherently aware of how important your accounts receivable are to your company and we also understand that sometimes they are the difference between having a profitable year and not having one. Collecting the debts owed to you in Greeley is critical to your success and that task should be left up to only those who are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the collection of commercial debt like the attorneys at The Law Office of Girsh and Rottman, P.C.

We stand ready to serve your Greeley commercial collection needs and provide your company with the legal representation that is necessary to effectuate the collection of your Greeley accounts receivable. If you have bad debt commercial collection accounts that are eating away at the profit that your company makes, don't hesitate in contacting our firm. Our commercial collection attorneys and staff will provide your company with a collection campaign that is suited to your needs and the policies of your company. Please call us at 303-297-3800 and let's get started today.


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